HODOS - The Way

Diocesan Monthly Newsletter

“… so that if he found any belonging to the Way, men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem.” (Acts 9:2 NRSV)

With all glory to the Triune God, we are proud to launch HODOS — the monthly newsletter on behalf of the Department of Communication of the Diocese. The Monthly Newsletter is published on the last Sunday of every month. The publication will be purely digital / online focusing primarily on the events and nes within the Diocese of UK-Europe and Africa. This pilot edition published in January 2024 will serve as an outline to the work forward.

The Holy Bible uses the term HODOS (the way) (Acts 9:2) as an expression of faith that Jesus is the One way to be reconciled with God the father. Christ himself has proclaimed that He is the Way. As children of the way, let us be able to use our talents for the glorification of the Kingdom of Heaven. We invite all to be part of this venture, which will serve as a means of a direct communication to all the faithful of the Diocese.

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HODOS - The Way - Vol.1 Is. 4 - April 2024

#HODOS - The Way #Diocesan Newsletter #Vol1. Is4

HODOS - The Way - Vol.1 Is. 3 - March 2024

#HODOS - The Way #Diocesan Newsletter #Vol.1 Is.3

HODOS - The Way - Vol.1 Is. 2 - February 2024

#HODOS - The Way #Diocesan Monthly Newsletter #Vol.1 Is.2

HODOS - The Way - Vol.1 Is. 1 - January 2024

#HODOS - The Way #Diocesan Monthly Newsletter #Vol. 1 Is. 1