Drogheda St. Peters and St. Pauls Indian Orthodox Church

Republic of Ireland, Ireland

The St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Indian Orthodox Church based in Drogheda, Ireland was founded in the year 2006 by the prayerful and pioneering initiative of Rev. Fr. T. George with the support of a handful of aspiring faithful living in and around Drogheda and working in the Health Care Sector. The Parish is today fast proliferating with a membership of over 30 member families. Holy Services are conducted at St Peter’s Church of Ireland, Drogheda on every alternate Saturdays. The functioning of the spiritual organizations such as the Sunday School, Youth Movement, Vanitha Samajam (Women’s Fellowship) and Prayer Fellowship all contribute to the progress of the parish. The Parish Choir adds flavour to the Divine Liturgy. The Merin George Foundation is a philanthropic activity of the parish, by which, the needs of many a people are met.

Place of Worship & Timings

St Peter’s Church of Ireland, Peter’s Close, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Every alternate Saturday - 9am

Vicar / Priest in Charge

Rev. Fr. George Thankachen
[email protected]

Office Bearers

Mr. Rency Rajan
[email protected]

Spiritual Organisations

Sunday School
Head Teacher
Mr. Thomas David
[email protected]

Youth Movement
Mr. Joboy Kuriakose