Leuven Prayer Fellowship

Belgium, Europe

Holy Liturgy has been celebrated in Leuven, Belgium since 2017 under the able leadership of Rev. Fr. Aashu Alexander, who has been there for his higher studies. Initially, services were held once every twp months. However, since September 2020, the services have been held more frequently. In 2021, the Holy Week was celebrated in Belgium for the first time and since then the Holy Liturgy has been celebrated on a regular basis. There are currently at least 2-3 services every month. The members of the community live in different parts of Belgium and actively participate in the liturgical celebrations held in Leuven. Since 2017, the community has regularly celebrated the Feast of St. Gregorios of Parumala.

Vicar / Priest in Charge

Rev. Fr. Aashu Alexander
[email protected]

Naamsestraat 100A / 03.07 3000 Leuven Belgium